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Thetube.nl, located in the Netherlands, specialized in innovative concepts,  web projects & risk management, mobile APP and POS (Point of Sales) development.  We work with over 110 specialists available via our partner Vrinsoft Corporation (India).  To meet your online and offline business goals we develop creative solutions, apply the right technology and launch the right platform.  Our dedicated team of graphic designers and web developers, with a strong focus on mobile applications and e-commerce platforms, offers over 20 years of experience and extensive knowledge capital.  

In the last few years, we expanded our services with the introduction of SEO ( Search Engine  Optimization) department to support your online brand equity plans. Your SEO will target different types of search e.g. image & video search, services & products search. We can optimize your online presence from vertical & and local  search.

As Internet marketing strategist, we know how computer programmed algorithms dictating search engine behavior work.  We consider how search engines work, what users search for, their actual search terms and keywords, and which search engines are preferred by the targeted audience. Optimizing your website may involve editing existing content, adding new content,  and using HTML with associated coding to increase the relevance to specific keywords and remove barriers to the indexing activities of the search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of back-links or inbound links is another SEO tactic we use. We work closely with the partner companies such as Google and Facebook to enhances your business. We offer year-long contract with dedicated SEO professional team acting in parallel with your sales and communication plans.


In reality, this isn’t our business but it is our passion. We offer service in web development, UX/UI designing, social media marketing, software development, E-commerce development, and mobile app development. And we are proud of our team who makes it possible for the clients.

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    The web development is a familiar field of development for our developers and us..

  • ui/ux design

    Our designers are as proficient as our developers. They have shown some of their..

  • Social media marketing

    Social media marketing is one of our fortes and we are proud to have worked with some..

  • software development

    Along with applications and websites we have also shown our development skills in software..

  • ecommerec development

    We have helped many clients develop and maintain their e-commerce websites and applications..

  • mobile app development

    We have proficient developers working in the development platforms such as Android, iOS, and cross-platform.